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    Holiday Cottages in the municipality of Villarrín de Campos and barely five minutes from Villafáfila and the Park House.

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    We are some Holiday Cottages located amidst a stunning setting in the Lagunas de Villafáfila Nature Reserve.

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    We also provide our customers with information on places to visit and, if they want us to, we show them around the most tipycal spots.

The Town

Villarrín de Campos is part of the Lagunas de Villafáfila Nature Reserve and, along with Villafáfila, is situated in the heart of the Nature Reserve. Is a small town in the province of Zamora with a population of about 500. It is mainly an agricultural and farming town and also has a cheese factory.

The main facilities in the town are the Medical Center, which is on call 24 hours a day, the restaurant, the petrol station and there are also a supermarket and several bars. Other places to visit are the town’s park, the swimming pool and the Golf Course. You can see the Church in the Plaza Mayor and our image of the Christ inside.

The Lagoons

Salinas lagoon is the main attraction sought by visitors, along with the Park House located in Villafáfila, just 6 km from Villarrín de Campos.

Over 100 different species of birds to see, sunrises and sunsets that will impress you and the vast plains of the steppe that will allow you to see the great bustard and other species which are typical of the area, such as the little bustard, the sandgrouse, etc ...

The Dovecotes

If there is one typical building of Tierra de Campos, it is the dovecote. Some are round, others are square or rectangular, they may have a courtyard...

In the middle of the steppe, all alones or sometimes in groups, they can be seen surrounded by pigeons and other species which also take advantage of them in order to breed, such as the lesser kestrel and the barn owl. A few years ago young pigeons used to be eaten; they were part of the family diet and the dovecotes were better cared for.


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House I

House II

House II Features

  • Two bedrooms.
  • Lounge-Kitchen with a fireplace.
  • Two bathrooms.
  • Wifi and TV in the lounge and in each of the bedrooms.
  • Nature Information Center for meetings (with projector).

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